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Just Plain Interesting… March 25, 2009

If there is one thing that gets me excited it is the idea of a self-sustaining way of life. Some call it permaculture, some call it homesteading, hobby farm, or off-the-grid. No matter what you choose to refer to it as, it is my belief that it is how humans were meant to live. Of course it is much easier to imagine a certain type of person living like this than it is to imagine a mainstream person…but…I believe it is possible for anyone. The key is stepping out of the “box” (I really dislike that phrase)…or, changing your perspective! Our way of life keeps us moving…and we do not have much time to stop and really question what the hell it is that we are all doing. We are programmed to keep on our routines-however mundane and unfulfilling  they are. We just keep plugging along forgetting to ever question anything. And then, we wonder why we feel bad or unhappy or whatever! I am choosing to step back from it all and make a change!

Over the past two years, I have had a strong feeling of change come over me. I have really started questioning why it is that so many humans are numb to what is happening in our world(I was numb to this as well!)…why are we teaching our youth to repeat the same patterns we have followed…what us the purpose of all of the running around and activity? Can’t we nurture our spirits and teach our children to do the same?  Can’t we just s-l-o-w down!? So far, the two biggest steps I have taken towards a more simple life are: 1) Taking my kids out of school (breaking the cycle of chaos that goes along with the school routine) and 2) Getting rid of our TV (well, ok…we still have one to watch the occasional movie). As the results of these decisions have begun to show themselves,   I seem to have more and more clarity. I want to live out of the mainstream world on a self-sustaining chunk of land with my husband and three kids! The only catch is figuring out how to do this and still have an income! We are working on it…

Currently, we live in a regular home in a regular neighborhood. We are consistently learning about and making alternative choices in our daily lives. Our desire is to move our family to a location with some land and live off-the-grid. Now, I mentioned the past two years above because we have been looking at several options to achieve this dream of ours. Many scenarios have presented themselves and many have been very tempting. However, nothing has felt quite right so far.  Two things happened today that are curious to me and I must make note of them. The first is that we went to look at this house that was just listed for sale by owner last Wednesday. It was in our local uber-liberal paper, the Mountain Express. The listing mentioned every single thing that we are looking for in our quest to become self-sustaining(except the income!). So, we called and finally went to look at it today.  You look now.

Needless to say it is everything we want and more.   The kids were even excited at the thought of it!  So, if we can “play the game” a bit longer, we know that this is ultimately what we desire. Even if this particular home does not work out for us (there is that thing about still needing to finish up our home so we can put it on the market and sell it…), the idea truly “sang” to all of us. Last week, our middle child (who is 10) had an entire science lesson devoted to sustainability-focusing particularly on “green” building. After researching many types of homes with many options, the home that he ultimately designed was very similar to this one. I think the only difference was that he had the solar panels heating the water and had radiant floor heating as well. Hmmm…might be a nice addition! I believe seeing first hand (not just in a dream…or on paper) what we want (in this farm we looked at today) is great inspiration and motivation.

And, the second curious thing that happened is that I did a google search with my blog’s name as search words(why, I am unsure…possibly so I could arrive just where I did): Just Plain Living. Well, there was a lot to weed through but it was so worth it when I stumbled upon this. This is what Just Plain Living is to  me…and I love how it ties into our little adventure today. Now go say your mantra…or sing it!


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