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Dog Therapy… March 30, 2009

This weekend was full of Just Plain fun. Haley had surgery on a tooth that was horizontal under her gums on Friday. Poor thing, it was rough on her and she is just not feeling like herself yet. We have been putting this off for quite some time now-knowing how tough even a small surgical procedure can be when it involves being put under. It seems so unnatural and we were all willing this tooth to make a turn and come up…but nope. So, Friday morning we took her in for surgery and Friday morning we came home with one confused daughter. She did not even remember the ride home… Surely she remembers all of the milkshakes and bowls of ice cream she has had this weekend…and all of the movies…games…laying in our bed…warm baths…and all of the Just Plain silly conversation.  She now has a chain attached to a tooth that is under her gums…up onto her braces…so that the orthodontist can “pull” it up slowly. Yikes. I know. I just can not imagine how people did it without all of this modern medicine (*kidding of course*).  What I mean to say is, I feel very lucky to have the privilege of having access to the skills of a doctor-in a clean, safe environment…everyone in the world should have this available… (whoops, there goes the liberal in me again, that’s enough for now-quiet down). Anyhow- all of this plus the non-stop rain led to a pretty slow weekend. I was delighted…as was Haley…the boys…well…they would rather be climbing trees outside on any given day so, it was difficult for them to be confined-as we could not just run outside and play with Haley feeling like she did. Poor thing…

After two days of total rest, we decided to keep our commitment to our local bookstore and have the kids read to therapy dogs. Sunday morning we skipped our usual routine and slept in. We woke in just enough time to eat and get to the reading session. This particular woman and dog, “Sunny” make a lot of visits to assisted living homes as well as to hospitals and anywhere else he is needed. He was such a sweet guy and sat so still while Haley read to him…then Greg read to him…all the while Taige petting him. Riley was signed up to read but decided that he didn’t feel like it at the last minute…guess all of those days of rain (and being home with Haley in recovery) took a toll on him…he just did not want to sit still anymore-honestly I can’t blame him…I needed a good long run as well. Here are some shots from the reading session…


                                                                                      Haley-reading the Great Gracie Chase…



march-2009-008 Greg reading Woody, Hazel and Little Pip (my personal favorite book EVER-Taige likes it too…can you tell?)


Haley giving Sunny a treat…

Then, we went just down the street (since it was such a lovely spring day out…clear sky…nice cool breeze) to the Double Decker bus…I just love the inside of this bus. It makes a lovely background for photos…especially black and white.



The boys like to sit up front-second level-pretending to drive of course. In case you are wondering…or in case I EVER forget…Taige wore his Indiana Jones hat today. We always tell him what a hottie he is when he wears it. It is so fun to have a 5 year old…he is not concerned about what anyone is thinking but himself…and he WAS Indiana Jones most of the day…I just want to squeeze him…but he does get mad at me when I do that…mostly because Indiana Jones’ mom does not do that to him…(does Indiana Jones ever have a mom? Probably not. Must be a Disney movie…no mom…of course).



The kids got the most delicious lemon Italian sodas…





And we had a Plain old good time…



   march-2009-0241Even managed to snap   march-2009-0391

a few pics of the

  emerging spring time





And then back home for some more resting…healing…s-l-o-w time.


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